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Havasupai Veterinary Clinic June 2013

We made our annual hike into Havasupai Canyon to provide veterinary services for the Havasupai Tribe. The team was led by Dr. Gayle S. Leith and joined by Dr. Dean Rice, Dr. Joanne Kowenburg, and Dr. Monika Durgin. Dr. Kowenburg came all the way from Canada to help. Veterinary technician Jennifer Zawacky and Kenda Rice assisted with equine vaccinations, deworming, small animal (dog and cat) neuter, spay, and vaccinations.

The clinic was a success, approximately 125 horses were vaccinated, dewormed, and examined. Numerous dogs and cats received routine medical attention.

We would like to express appreciation to Sara Van Newkirk at Zoetis for donating 40 West Nile vaccinations for the June 2012 and 2013 clinic.

The spring clinic is supplementary to the Christian Veterinary Clinic in November each year. The November clinic organizers are Dr. Greg Smith and Dr. Rick Marshall. The November clinic has been ongoing for 25 years! Dr. Ross Babcock (Arizona) has been providing every other year spring clinic for over 25 years as well. Dr. Leith and the Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical team is looking forward to working with Dr. Babcock and his team spring 2014!

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